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[12 Days Of Christmas] - Love, oh love.

 Danas vas slikama vodim na svadbu na kojoj sam neki dan bila. :) Na kraju je i mali tekst koji sam pronašla na netu, a posvećen dragim mladencima. <3

 "You put each other in a trance
And show your love in its expanse
With something simple as a glance
May your affection be everlasting.

You keep each other safe and warm
Protect each other from the storm
Love could take no truer form
May your devotion be everlasting

You see each other as no one can
Your journey seized hand in hand
Together over sea and land
May your companionship be everlasting.

Your friends have joined here today
And family have come here to say
Each in their own special way
May your love be everlasting." 

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